How to improve relations between managers and wages accountants?

Is this situation known to you? – Somebody forgot to send allotment to the seafarer recently arrived on board. Seafarer is not happy, you are trying to find the point, where the system made error. Usually it is quite simple – somebody forgot to assign seafarer to the ship in the accounting programme and to make a mark ‘on board’.


But it is quite simple – use the special CRM for HR, named Whale Recruitment and forget about mentioned inconveniences. Whale Recruitment allows to assign the seafarer to the ship just with one click of crew manager: use the button ‘on board’ and information about boarding the ship will be distributed to all parts of the programme: accounting, logistics, safety, statistics, planning, requests for service, seafarer’s sea service calculation, etc. Same process will be effected upon completion of contract, when crew manager will use the button ‘arrived home’. Accountants will not have to call crewing department, asking when the seafarer dispatched, how many days he travelled, his contract details, his expenses on board and many other things – all information will be distributed automatically, also automatically will be generated some new information, like his wages, sea service record and other.


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