Upgrade of your professional soft – is it necessary?

Imagine the situation: you are preparing documents for seafarer’s dispatch (calculating seafarer’s wages; adding seafarer’s data to the database; issuing invoice; making travel arrangements; making other sophisticated and important operation). Suddenly, you see pop up message: ‘Your software is ready to update, please restart your application!’


Quite famous situation, isn’t it? You have just to choices: to start installation and to pause you work (which is urgent as usual), or to postpone installation, having the same situation after several hours… and after next several hours… Finally, you have to choose the most inconvenient time for installation of upgrade and restarting of your device.


(Of course you can reject this upgrade, but the functioning of the system…) Also – you paid quite impressive amount for your soft (USD20,000? Or more?) Of course you want to use all opportunities of this soft, but for this purpose you have to upgrade it!


Is it possible to avoid it? - YES! The solution name is Whale Software – special software for HR people. It is located on the remote server, thus you don’t need to refresh it: Whale team will do it in the most convenient way – you even will not recognize when it happen! One more advantage: you are not buying this soft, thus you don’t have to pay full amount – you just rent it for some very reasonable price, starting from USD19.99 per user!


It seems a good reason to go to http://www.whalerecruitment.com/whale_software  and to enjoy all advantages of the best software for recruitment company!