Efficiency of the office – how to evaluate it?

If you are top manager of the crewing company, you definitely need some tool to evaluate activity of your office. Usually your evaluation based on the number of people on board or number of dispatched people. Is it enough? Presume not for modern office. What about quality? What about time of fulfillment request, what about number of requests, fulfilled by particular office worker?


Many questions, which are quite reasonable! Usually you can’t find answers, using ordinary soft from the market. But you can use special software for recruitment – Whale Software. There is a special Statistic section included. Various statistic requests could be fulfilled, using Whale Software: number of employees (number of each position), total number of seafarers in the database, number of employees on vacations, who of them passed specific training (and who not), number of closed and opened requests for service, average time of fulfillment request; all mentioned data regarding particular Principal; and unlimited opportunity to request your own statistic data request to be included into the soft.


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