Which soft I should have to use your service?

Whale Recruitment works on any device (desktop, laptop, pad, smartphone) with any soft (Windows, Mac, OS, Android, etc.)


I am seaman, I am afraid to disclose my details in the net. Do you have any mean of the data protection?

Yes, your information is confidential. Your contact details could be seen to the registered users only. Moreover, you can hide your name even to registered users and disclose it after direct contact with potential Employer.

Seamen of which countries can apply for job?

Any countries of residence, any nationalities and citizenship.

Can I find a job in off-shore industry, using your service?

Yes, you can – our portal is open for any vacancies posted by Employers of any country, for any type of the ship and any position.

Should I pass interview before obtaining job?

It depends on the internal procedures of the Employer. In most cases – yes.

Can I stop posting of my details while I am at sea?

Yes, you can, follow the instructions in your Cabinet.

Should I register again, when I need job after vacations?

No, you have just to re-activate your registry and refresh your data (don’t forget to add your last voyage and renewed documents).


I am crew manager, understand I can use your software for managing my existing crew. Should I transfer all data manually one by one from my present soft to Whale database?

Definitely not! Our team will help you with data transfer. Be sure, no data will be lost! And you don’t have to use your printing skills.

Hi! I prefer to keep all data of my all seafarers at my server in the office. Can I use your soft locally?

Yes, you can! Whale soft could be installed on any device locally, we can even deny access to these data from the internet. Your data will be fully secured!

I am crewing manager of multinational shipping group. I need access to the database of seafarers from any of branch offices, located in Europe and Asia, is it possible?

Yes, it is possible! All data of your seafarers will be kept on special server with worldwide access. Security system will allow to use it just for the staff, authorized by you. You can connect to the database practically unlimited number of users. Moreover, you can use limits of access for different offices and for the staff with different authority.