Special programme for
Maritime Human Resources Department.

Backing up and keeping all necessary data for simple digital usage.

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Online crewing management system

Minimal paperwork for the human, maximum workload for the software.

A friendly software that allows you to keep and manage all data of your exciting crew and potential candidates for employment in one place.

Whale Software is a programme, designed especially for Marine Human Resources Departments or Crewing/Manning Agents.

The programme allows you to keep and manage all data of yours existing crew and potential candidates for employment in one place.

Remote or local

Your data could be placed in the Internet cloud or at your PC or server - at your discretion. In any case system of full data pretection is engaged.

Perfect for every device

Can operate on any device - PC. laptop, ipad, smartphone; using any operation systems - Windows, iOS, Android, etc.

Unlimited user number

Could be used by many users, with different levels of access at the same time.

Keeping an eye on expiration dates for you

Having Whale Software installed, you’ll never forget expiry dates of seafarers’ documents or contracts - Whale will reming you in advance.

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Enough space for your important data

Whale Software is a good and big storage place for any information of your seafarers, including scanned documents.

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Hiring gets easier

Means aesy monitoring of all procedure of the employment - as forn uploading Seafarer’s Application Form from the internet, through approval process, visa and travel arrangements - up to joining the ship.

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Wages calculation

This segment of Whale Software will makes your accountants really happy.

Makes a lot of another job, such as generating of documents (Contracts, Wages Accounts, etc.)

Order (request for service)

This is one of the main sections of the system, reflecting current situation with requests for service and their fulfillment. It is, actually, a part of your Safety and Quality management System.


You can order the air tickets from this section. Choose the most convenient flight yourself. After booking confirmation, the travel details will appear in this section automatically.

Crew Planning
Crew Planning

This section facilitates and visualize the process of planning future crew changes.


This section is to assist accounting department of crewing company. Here you can create new invoice, monitor or change his status, edit invoice, print it out and keep it for unlimited time.

Converting any data type

Allows you to convert data (any data format) of your existing pool of seafarers to Whale software without errors. In case of any difficulties Whale’s team will assist you!

Whale is very flexible - software could be adjusted according to your particular needs.

System doesn’t require any specific training for your office staff.

Minimal paperwork for the human, maximum workload for the software.

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3 1-5 users
$ 29.99
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