How to find job with the Whale

First step

Congratulations! You’ve made your first step to success already – you visited Whale Recruitment! Whale reminds you: all services are free for you here!
You can look here for the proper vacancies, but for applying for them you need to Sign Up, this is the

Second step

Click on the Sign Up – you’ll see the form, need to filled in. We don’t need too much information from you for registration – just Name and Surname and your e-mail (we have special option – we can hide your name in your internet CV).
Upon submitting your details, you’ll make the

Third step

Now you have to wait a bit – you’ll receive an e-mail with further instructions. Follow the link, which you find in this e-mail for completing registration, and you’ll reach the

Next step

Now you are in your Personal Office, where you can fill up the form, which will be published in the job seekers’ area. Please be very careful! Misprints are not fatal, of course, but are very important sometimes. Some recommendations are given in Filling up Application Form. Submit your Application Form and go then to the

Last step
At this stage you have several options: Good Luck!!