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SMM Hamburg

Where you could find the biggest concentration of the new technologies and leading companies in maritime industry last week? The only answer is SMM Hamburg! It seems to be one of the world’s biggest events by number of exhibitors, stands and visitors! The biggest attention was paid to eco-technologies in shipping (like low-sulphur, ballast water treatment and other), digital technologies and unmanned ships, computer navigation and engine control and many other aspects of the shipping industry.
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Efficiency of the office – how to evaluate it?

If you are top manager of the crewing company, you definitely need some tool to evaluate activity of your office. Usually your evaluation based on the number of people on board or number of dispatched people. Is it enough? Presume not for modern office. What about quality? What about time of fulfillment request, what about number of requests, fulfilled by particular office worker?
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Is it possible to work on 20 documents at the same time?

Have you been in the situation, when you open several seafarers’ cards in the database and at the same time have to look at the travel details, create travel documents and check all data with request for service? – Probably yes. Don’t forget about some applications already open on your computer! Usually, even modern devices slow down in such situation, which is quite boring.
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Upgrade of your professional soft – is it necessary?

Imagine the situation: you are preparing documents for seafarer’s dispatch (calculating seafarer’s wages; adding seafarer’s data to the database; issuing invoice; making travel arrangements; making other sophisticated and important operation). Suddenly, you see pop up message: ‘Your software is ready to update, please restart your application!’
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How to improve relations between managers and wages accountants?

Is this situation known to you? – Somebody forgot to send allotment to the seafarer recently arrived on board. Seafarer is not happy, you are trying to find the point, where the system made error. Usually it is quite simple – somebody forgot to assign seafarer to the ship in the accounting programme and to make a mark ‘on board’.
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